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Serving the Intelligence Community

Faster access to critical intelligence for mission users who pre-empt threats and protect national security.

Approach any intelligence question from any direction

Today's analysts are flooded with large volumes of data within multiple systems, leading to lack of visibility, knowledge gaps, and time lags. Janes global team of OSINT analysts verify and validate each data point; they are then structured and organised, enabling entities to be interconnected and integrated into existing systems of record.


Easily consumed by high- and low-side environments to provide all analysts with the intelligence they need in existing platforms and systems.


Access to the relationships between Janes assured OSINT, your own, and third-party data reduces search time and ensures results are more complete.


Our experts operate under a rigorous OSINT tradecraft model to deliver unrivalled coverage at the highest levels of assurance.

The trusted intelligence you need as world events evolve

No matter where in the world your analysts’ attention needs to focus, Janes delivers assured global open-source defence intelligence across military capabilities and orders of battle, equipment, events, and markets. Accessible within existing systems Janes data and relationships can be used to enrich, interconnect, and integrate multiple sources to enable a single intelligence environment. Analysts trust Janes to deliver actionable insights on:

  • Global threats and capabilities
  • Changes in state stability
  • Geoeconomic influence and power projection
  • Activities of terrorist and organised crime groups
  • Up-to-date country reports within a PMESII framework
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Janes is the industry standard for OSINT. It’s where the intelligence community goes for comprehensive OSINT understanding of all our foundational intelligence.

Human in the loop focus

Make Janes team of expert OSINT analysts your force multiplier

Analysts are required to quickly shift focus to provide intelligence on a wide variety of fast-moving situations. While they focus on high-priority analytical tasks, Janes deep subject matter expertise combined with the latest technology, provides analysts with the assured OSINT they need at the speed and scale they require. The Janes team of OSINT analysts:

  • Bring global experience and expertise in conventional and non-conventional warfare, including the operation of non-NATO military equipment
  • Are located in 50+ countries
  • Speak 40+ languages

Getting your analysts the data they need when they need it

Data is often hidden in a variety of disconnected, siloed, and incomplete platforms and systems. Janes has created a unique data model, that enables the interconnection of all Janes defence entities. It can act as a fusion engine to connect and normalise your own or third-party structured and unstructured data holdings, enabling a single intelligence environment. Easy integration into existing platforms and tools provides analysts with access to the data they need when they need it.

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What we do

See how Janes trusted intelligence can help you

  • The world's most complete foundational military data asset.
  • 500,000+ analyst hours per year to keep data current.
  • Easy integration into high and low-side environments and systems.