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Janes OSINT - The trusted source for Defence Intelligence

A Safer World Starts With Trusted Intelligence

Pairing decades of personal expertise with the most advanced technology, Janes delivers foundational OSINT data and analysis you can rely on.

Data gathered, assessed, and assured by Janes

Janes data is verified and validated by our teams of analysts, not AI filters, committing over 500,000 analyst hours per year to provide verification and context.

Over 100 million interconnections. One source of truth

With mission-critical data uncovered, analysed, and contextualised in seconds, you’ll have the foundational and military intelligence you need, when you need it.

  • Orders of battle for all the world's militaries
  • Full specifications of over 85,000 pieces of military equipment
  • Geolocations for 28,000 military installations, early-warning sites, and nuclear facilities
  • 800,000 events and full PMESII formatted reports for 197 countries
Linda Weissgold

Janes is actively positioning both its expertise and delivery of its products to take advantage of emerging technology to provide its customers new ways to think about dangers and opportunities around the globe.