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Our Expertise

Janes experts and technology-accelerated tradecraft offer unrivalled coverage at the highest levels of assurance.

Assured by Janes

Janes deep subject matter expertise, combined with the latest technology, provides analysts with the assured open-source intelligence they need at the speed and scale they require. Our OSINT analysts have global and operational military and industry experience enabling them to act as a trusted extension of your team.

Our people

Janes has an analyst community comprised of many nationalities and diverse backgrounds. They have a deep understanding of global military equipment; geopolitics, countries, and cultures; and the defence industrial base.

Our sourcing and tradecraft

Janes analysts are impartial and follow an OSINT all-source tradecraft. They review all sources for reliability, bias, objectivity, and level of certainty.

Our technology

Janes uses human-machine teaming, efficient tooling, and structured governance to classify and interconnect data to our core assured data model.

Make Janes team of expert OSINT analysts your force multiplier

Analysts are required to quickly shift focus to provide intelligence on a wide variety of fast-moving situations. While they focus on high-priority analytical tasks, Janes delivers deep subject matter expertise across equipment, military capabilities, geoeconomic influence, countries, events, forecasting, markets, and budgets to support changing intelligence requirements. The Janes team of OSINT analysts:

  • Bring global experience and expertise
  • Are located in 50+ countries
  • Speak 40+ languages
  • Have 2,900+ years of experience
Human in the loop focus
Janes - what we do - technology partners

Janes technology-accelerated tradecraft

Janes tradecraft has been developed over the last 125 years. Today, technology, including Janes data model, is a critical part of our analysts’ toolkit enabling them to deliver the trusted OSINT our customers require at speed and scale. The data model provides a robust, interconnected framework that both assists analysts in their workflows, and allows for traceability back to source, referential integrity across different content concepts, and the introduction of advanced technologies into Janes tradecraft.

Janes covers the full intelligence cycle

  • Planning: Our research activities are prioritised and tiered using a robust process.
  • Collection: We combine automated and human collection in an all-source OSINT tradecraft.
  • Processing: We classify and interconnect data to our core assured data model using human-machine teaming, efficient tooling, and structured governance.
  • Analysis: We use modelled and expert-led processes to build data to fill gaps not covered by open-source data and provide forward-looking assessments and analysis of core topics of interest.
  • Dissemination: We have effective dissemination methods to support any customer use case, including highly integrable APIs, online platforms, and in-person and online training and briefings.

What we do

See how Janes trusted intelligence can help you

  • The world's most complete foundational military data asset.
  • 500,000+ analyst hours per year to keep data current.
  • Easy integration into high and low-side environments and systems.