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Understand and impact markets

Unrivalled breadth and depth of data and insight across customers, markets, and equipment.

Understand national security priorities for 60 countries.

Janes is relied on by the world’s governments, militaries, and defence organisations to enhance their understanding of national security priorities. Janes verified open-source intelligence interconnects programme data with information on end-users, suppliers, and capabilities to support a strategic intelligence picture.

Future capability

Forecast, budget, and programme data deliver insight into future military capability.

Market analysis

Data and insight on the drivers, policies, and procedures that impact the global defence industrial base.

Company intelligence

An unbiased view of the customers, capabilities, and market share of global defence organisations.

Understand future order of battle based on budget, forecast, and production

Janes provides mission users with a strategic view to inform decisions on capability acquisition, technology development, and countering potential future threats. Janes delivers trusted data and insight to answer key questions including:

  • What will the inventory of combat aircraft in your chosen country with a range of over 3,000 n mile be in 2030?
  • Which countries that tend to purchase US land platforms are likely to require new or upgraded APCs in the next 10 years?
  • What are the projected radar capabilities of your chosen country over the next five years?
Janes Market Forecast
Serving the Defence Industry

A complete view of global defence spending and developments

Janes delivers insights into current and future military capability and existing security risks that will drive defence requirements. Janes supports opportunity identification ahead of formal announcement to provide competitive advantage.

  • Detailed market reports
  • Programme-level procurement and upgrade data
  • Ten-year defence market forecasts
  • Global defence budget data and analysis

Insight into the global defence industrial landscape

Janes provides supplier intelligence across thousands of global defence companies. Interconnected data across customers, equipment, forecasts, and organisations enables users to answer questions including:

  • What are the geolocations of component suppliers for my chosen piece of equipment in my chosen country?
  • What is the total value of opportunities that my chosen company is likely to be bidding on within my chosen location?
  • What equipment does my chosen company produce and who do they sell it to?
Janes Companies Equipment Defense Procurement

What we do

See how Janes trusted intelligence can help you

  • The world's most complete foundational military data asset.
  • 500,000+ analyst hours per year to keep data current.
  • Easy integration into high and low-side environments and systems.