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Increase certainty, accelerate decision making

Trusted insight into intentions, strengths, and critical capabilities to support planning and objective setting.

Trusted foundational defence intelligence

As mission users seek to understand and meet current and future threats, Janes delivers a trusted military intelligence layer. Acting as a foundation for building a concept of operation and exploring potential courses of action, Janes data and relationships enrich, interconnect, and contextualise multiple sources. Janes provides mission users with the data they need when they need it.

Save time

A trusted foundation of global OSINT to speed-up decision making, enabling you to respond and react faster.


All relevant data is interconnected increasing visibility and reducing knowledge gaps.


Easily integrated into your existing platforms and tools, access all relevant data in a single environment.

Unrivalled breadth and depth of foundational military OSINT and data

Janes provides analysts and decision makers with fast access to a wealth of trusted OSINT. The ability to leverage assured relationships between data points and integrate into existing systems significantly reduces time from collection and data acquisition to mission insights.

  • Order of battle including installations, military units, and equipment
  • Equipment including variants, specifications, weapons and systems, and manufacturer
  • Air-defence installations linked to associated equipment and range
  • Military events related to combat, training, and peacekeeping activities
Understand and Impact Markets

Insight and analysis to provide additional context

Janes delivers data and analysis to provide analysts with insights into possible intentions or objectives within their area of interest. Janes provides critical context including:

  • How the economic domain is being leveraged to project power, control, and influence
  • Programme, budget, and forecast data provide insight into future order of battle
  • Analysis of political, economic, and social factors that impact stability and national security
  • Country Stability Indicators and events data to highlight patterns and trends

Bring together all the data you need

Janes assured data is interconnected in an API accessible knowledge graph, which can be integrated directly into internal high- and low-side environments or accessed through a variety of end-user applications. Bringing all relevant data into a single environment enables all users to access the same datasets from which to build their assessments. The ability to explore, enrich, and interconnect multiple sources delivers a more complete and accurate picture.

Janes Intara White

What we do

See how Janes trusted intelligence can help you

  • The world's most complete foundational military data asset.
  • 500,000+ analyst hours per year to keep data current.
  • Easy integration into high and low-side environments and systems.