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Assess effectiveness of operations

Janes delivers trusted foundational military data and insight to enrich and enhance your assessments.

Insight into the global threat landscape

Janes provides trusted insight into global threats and the strengths, disposition, and capabilities of actual or potential adversaries and allies. Janes assured defence open-source intelligence is structured and organised so it can be interconnected with multiple sources to provide analysts and decision makers with additional and complementary data to deliver a more complete and accurate picture.


Janes supplies timely, validated, unbiased, and relevant intelligence in a world crowded with increasingly unreliable information.

More complete

Janes enriches, interconnects, and contextualises multiple sources in a single environment to deliver a more complete answer.


All Janes data is open-source and unclassified enabling it to be easily shared with allies and partners.

Supporting your assessments to understand changes to order of battle

Janes key datasets - equipment, military units, installations, and inventories - provide a foundational baseline on which to build your assessments. Janes ability to create a framework that enables multiple sources to be enriched and interconnected delivers essential context to assessments, reports, and decision-support briefings.

  • Inventories including platform, manufacturer, numbers in service, ordered, and delivered.
  • Orders of battle including military installations, military units, inventoried platforms, and weapons and support systems.
  • Verified OSINT for the world’s land, sea, and air platforms, and weapons and support systems.
Janes Access Effectiveness of Operations

Be alerted to changes in regional stability

Janes delivers verified and validated data and analysis on the global events that impact risk and security to complement your existing data. Our events data is supported by country reports in a PMESII framework and country stability indicators that identify potential national security flashpoints. Janes enhances mission users' understanding of:

  • Patterns in non-state armed group activity across borders.
  • Increasing influence and power projection through economic engagement.
  • Correlations between non-state armed group activity and military coups.
  • Future military capability and defence spending priorities.

Utilising OSINT force monitoring to support your assessments

Janes collects, structures, verifies, and interconnects data relating to the activities of Russian military forces. Only Janes can leverage open-sources in a way that connects activity to specific military units and equipment, while also demonstrating the context of that activity in the larger operational picture. The ability to use Janes to integrate and interconnect multiple sources within your existing system provides relevant data to those that need it, when they need it.

JANES Inventories order of battle

What we do

See how Janes trusted intelligence can help you

  • The world's most complete foundational military data asset.
  • 500,000+ analyst hours per year to keep data current.
  • Easy integration into high and low-side environments and systems.