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Explore patterns and trends in events impacting global security

Janes is the source for foundational military OSINT. Access to thousands of verified and validated events interconnected with key foundational data sets enables analysts to quickly derive insights into what has happened and who is involved.

Chinese incursions over the Taiwan Strait

This demonstration explores People’s Liberation Army (PLA) incursions over time near Taiwan and showcases how, using Janes, analysts can understand more about an event than simply what happened.

Using Janes interconnected data to uncover deeper insights

Understand the actors, military platform, and equipment involved, and its specifications.

In February 2024 Janes recorded a combat readiness exercise at a PLA camp in Hubin Village, Fuzhou, by the 71st Group Army.

Using Janes interconnected intelligence you can identify the bases in the area from which the 71st Group Army operates, its entire echelon, and the equipment attached to the unit to create a more complete picture when you need it.

Janes is the only OSINT provider that delivers an in-depth understanding of who is involved, why it is happening, and what the likely outcomes might be. Events are connected to multiple data points, such as systems and weapons, organisations, inventories, orders of battle, and installations, providing a jumping-off point for you to explore other areas of interest.