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Intel Briefing: China Russia Economic Engagement Following the Invasion of Ukraine

In this intelligence briefing, we explore the changes in economic engagement between China and Russia since the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine. With the help of transactions selected from Janes IntelTrak, we dig into the ways in which China and Russia have altered their economic behaviours following the invasion. We detail how a changing geoeconomic and geopolitical environment has affected trade routes, with far-reaching consequences for logistics infrastructure, equipment, and manufacturing.

Sanctions have had a serious impact on the ways in which China and Russia have increased currency co-operation over the past year since the invasion. We detail how China has helped to fill the gaps in providing technology and banking equipment to Russia and also how China has been able to taken advantage of the sudden excess supply of Russian energy. In this briefing, we explain how Chinese foreign investment has changed and what industries have benefitted most. We also make note of how Russia's over-reliance on China – as an economic and political lifeline – has left Russia in a relatively disadvantaged, asymmetric position.