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Gain deeper insights into the global threat environment

Gain deeper insights into the global threat environment

As analysts navigate today’s fast-moving threat environment, looking for patterns and trends in activities that have potential implications for global security, an event looked at in isolation is only part of the story.

In a major enhancement to Janes Events dataset, globally sourced military events are verified and interconnected with multiple foundational data points, including systems and weapons, organisations, inventories, orders of battle, and installations.

The powerful interconnection of Janes world-leading events and foundational defence OSINT delivers unique insights as analysts look to understand who is involved, why it happened, and what the likely outcomes might be. 

A combination of deep subject matter expertise and the latest technology delivers the OSINT you need at speed and scale. After being verified and validated, military events data is structured, organised, and interconnected to Janes core data model, enabling you to move seamlessly from your chosen event to explore the entities mentioned within it.

Gain deeper insights into the global threat environment

Utilising Janes military events data, Janes experts identified the number of Chinese aircraft and warships detected around Taiwan between November 2023 and February 2024. The interconnections between the events data and Janes foundational OSINT enabled the quick identification of the capabilities and role of the aircraft and warships involved.

Further links to Janes orders of battle, to locate home bases, provided insight into whether the aircraft and warships were likely to have been forward deployed. Patterns and trends in the tempo of the incursions and involvement of different aircraft or warships over time could also be tracked. The interconnection of key datasets enables analysts to quickly derive the insights needed to support decision making.

Military events are classified into eight categories, 65 sub-categories, and cover tier 1 countries, which are determined by country stability indicators across a PMESII framework. Over 1,500 events are added each month, to support key analyst workflows including pattern of life analysis and strategic monitoring to identify indicators and warnings.

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