How we serve national security

Trusted, structured, and connected data that delivers unique insights

Janes brings together disparate data from multiple sources to deliver structured, timely, relevant, and accurate open-source intelligence to support granular capability and threat assessments. Janes validates links between security data sets – equipment, organisations, and events – and accelerates data discovery and analysis, allowing you to rapidly build a contextually accurate picture of the operational environment.

Deliver intelligence that is more informed, complete, and accurate

The processes, sources, and expert judgement that make up Janes tradecraft enable us to offer you the highest levels of assurance. Janes content is verified and validated under strict editorial guidelines. Janes uses a multi-faceted approach to open-source intelligence with all sources assessed for bias/objectivity, reliability, level of certainty, and predictive value.

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Connected data that delivers unrivalled value and insight

  • Through the delivery of a consistent nomenclature for defence entities, linking that enables you to understand the entities and how they interact, and the breadth and depth of data available for each entity reveals hidden connections.
  • Easily integrate Janes data into your tools and current processes to monitor existing and emerging threats.
  • Open-source intelligence at a very high level of assurance enables you to divert your resources away from data gathering, processing, and filtering into critical decision making.

Identify emerging threat trends

Granular and structured event data and military equipment profiles, as well as reliable threat analysis, provide a vast repository of verified and validated intelligence that analysts can use to extrapolate trends and uncover emerging threat dynamics at national and transnational levels.

Verify and validate open sources

Janes data is independent, open-source, and reliable. Janes experts cross-check data against primary and secondary sources. With Janes national security organisations can verify and validate unreliable or classified sources to make their intelligence products more robust.

Plan, report, and brief

Janes data and analytic insights deliver a critical independent perspective to provide essential context to plans, decision-support briefings, and reports. Data, analysis, and visualisations can be exported and placed directly into reports to deliver informed, accurate, and reliable intelligence to commanders in a timely manner. Assured.

Procure and maintain capabilities

Data and insight into current capabilities and forecasts of future capabilities enables programme teams to derive appropriate requirements and develop, procure, and maintain low-risk, value-for-money defence systems.

Country Intelligence

Janes delivers structured, timely, relevant, and accurate open-source intelligence on more than 200 countries across the globe. Military assessments, insights into country risk, and defence markets deliver a 360° view of your chosen country.

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Threat Intelligence

Janes provides verified, trusted, and accurate insight, data, and analysis into four of the most important areas of national security: country risk; military capabilities; terrorism and insurgency; and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. Janes is uniquely positioned to deliver unrivalled intelligence to support threat assessment, capability assessment, and event analysis.

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Equipment Intelligence

With more than 41,000 profiles, Janes offers the only single resource for comprehensive, unclassified, and up-to-date intelligence on military equipment (air, sea, land, and space) in production and in use around the globe. By structuring and connecting this data to the inventories for more than 190 countries, orders of battle for 18,800 military units, and 9,200 bases, Janes is uniquely positioned to provide you with timely, accurate, and validated intelligence to support entity recognition, capability assessment, and market analysis.

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Request a free consultation to find out how in a world of fake news and ever growing conflict, Janes can provide you with unbiased, verified open-source intelligence.

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