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Terry Busch

Janes Intara provides us a way to explore and discover rich and powerful relationships in the Janes data that may not be apparent to the naked eye. I can spend hours researching the relationships that we never knew existed before Janes Intara.

Intara Accordian

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Janes data model can provide a consistent knowledge base to power natural language processing. Leveraging synonyms, you can surface and normalise defence entities from a variety of dissimilar unstructured inputs. Defence entities across equipment, military capabilities, companies, and events can be surfaced, normalised, and contextualised for mass-source curation, providing users with access to all data relevant to their intelligence question.

Using Janes, you can access tens of millions of assured data points and relationships. When combined with entity extraction, the canonical graph can be used to validate derived relationships, identify anomalies, and spot patterns in the data. Using Janes provides wider context around more complex entities, for example, a 91N6 radar can be immediately identified as part of a S-400 air-defence system.

Janes assured OSINT is structured and organised enabling it to be used to contextualise entities found within other content sources. You can link across multiple sources and systems to discover related data and analysis enabling all relevant content to be presented in a snapshot or baseball card.

Janes assured OSINT can be easily integrated into existing systems and platforms to be used in calculations such as the identification of range rings and measurement analysis. Data and analysis can be used to enrich geospatial environments linking locations and events to contextual data.

Janes enables analysts to get to the information they need to support their mission faster. Our data model standard enables interoperability between different data sources, programmes, organisations, and even different countries. The common framework created by the data model, dictionaries, and ontologies enable data silos to be broken down and structured and unstructured data holdings to be connected and normalised.

Janes assured data, analysis, and relationships can enhance the quality of search systems by providing:

  • Semantic understanding, improved relevance, and query expansion. F-16 is recognised as a fighter jet; ‘naval vessel’ searches return aircraft carrier results; and ‘air-to-air missiles’ are suggested for ‘fighter jet’ searches
  • Entity resolution, differentiating ‘Challenger 1’ and ‘Challenger 2’ tanks, and faceted search enabling missiles results to be filtered by payload, roles, or range
  • Content recommendations, ‘radar cross-section' articles for ‘stealth technology’, and enhanced conversational search

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