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Verified open-source intelligence across land, sea and air platforms, weapons and systems, supports entity recognition, capability and threat assessments, and market analysis. The ability to interconnect equipment data with military units, bases, manufacturers, and forecasts delivers insight into both current and future global military capabilities.

Equipment Intelligence Assured by Janes



Assured data and insight on land based military platforms, weapons and systems. Defence equipment profiles cover development, status, specifications and descriptions at the variant level. Data, including equipment dictionaries, inventories, item-to-item linking, and system and subsystem profiles, supports rapid equipment recognition, capability assessment and illuminates slight variations among seemingly similar platforms.



Leverage more than 120 years of expertise in the identification, tracking and assessment of warships and naval fleets. Interconnected data including specifications, inventories and item-to-item linking are a critical component to understand the specific military capabilities of global naval forces while forecast, programme and budget data provide insight into potential future requirements and capabilities.



Janes covers every manned aircraft in the world currently in production or development and has the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of military unmanned aerial vehicles and systems. Our interconnected open-source intelligence allows operators and analysts to quickly identify variant platforms, track inventories and assess capabilities and limitations to support military or market assessments.

With more than 67,000 profiles, Janes offers the only single resource for comprehensive, unclassified and up-to-date intelligence across military equipment. Janes specific, structured and consistent nomenclature and terminology and the ability to apply a range of data points including types, roles, specifications and operators in a guided manner, speeds data discovery by quickly narrowing the field of possible matches.


Profiles of more than 67,000 pieces of military equipment linked to associated platforms, weapons and subsystems deliver insight into existing military capability.


Inventories and country risk reports for more than 190 countries.


Orders of battle including more than 22,000 military installations; 18,800 military units and 9,000 lines of platform level inventory deliver insight into the capabilities, hierarchy and assigned bases of partner and threat countries.


Company profiles connected to revenue forecasts, future programmes, current inventories and equipment saving time and enabling accurate decision support.


Custom data services to provide answers to your most critical and urgent questions.


Forecasts and defence budget data provides insight into potential future military capability.

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