OSINT Training from Janes

OSINT Training from Janes

Helping you transform open-source information into actionable intelligence 

Janes understands the challenge of producing effective open source intelligence (OSINT) for increasingly time-short customers to support their decision makers. This is why we also design and deliver bespoke OSINT training programmes, designed to help you transform open-source information into actionable intelligence. 

Janes OSINT training is designed to teach practitioners to:

  • Prevent information overload by filtering the increasing volume of open source information.
  • Conduct safe and optimised searches of online sources by maintaining a low attribution profile.
  • Ensure that no valuable information is missed, using a structured approach to collection and analysis. 
  • Assess the veracity of open-source information using tried and tested validation methods. 
  • Turn open-source information into actionable intelligence reports and briefings.

Training designed in collaboration with you:

We will work closely with you to understand your requirements and to create workshops and training programmes that help you achieve your specific objectives, be it in-person training or online.

Delivered by Janes subject matter experts, workshops can cover a range of essential OSINT skills and more specialised skills, such as geospatial intelligence and investigative skills, and then themed around the specific tasks and workflows that participants are required to perform, providing a combination of skills and knowledge training. They can also be designed to provide a progressive sequence of courses and post-training review sessions.

Janes Online OSINT Masterclass

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Flexible, adaptive training

When implementing the delivery of training programmes, Janes ensure that they fit within the structure of existing training available to you, seamlessly integrating with your in-house training programmes. Training can be delivered either via in-person workshops, supported by online training, or via self-study online courses, such as the newly re-designed Janes OSINT Masterclass. 

In-person training

Training can be delivered as a series of live workshops, either on-site at your facilities, at Janes offices, or at third-party venues. Each workshop can be tailored for the number of users and their availability, for example training operations centre personnel in accordance with their shift patterns. 

Online training

Training workshops can be delivered via online training, either in live sessions or through the creation of bespoke online training packages that are suitable for self-study. Online training enables participants to conduct training in a flexible way around their work patterns. 

Online OSINT Masterclass

An online module based, self-study course, designed to suit the needs of organisations where participants may find it difficult to attend in-person workshops, or for intelligence professionals who simply want to upgrade their skills. An easily accessible platform which includes short video demonstrations, practical activities and exercises. Click here for more information.

Helping you optimise your OSINT

In addition to bespoke training, Janes offers consulting to organisations aiming to create new OSINT units or to optimise the OSINT capabilities of an existing unit. 

To optimise the way you produce OSINT, Janes first aims to understand the intelligence output requirements and the open-source information (OSINF) inputs available to your OSINT analysts.

We then identify improvements across four interdependent elements that determine the quality of your organisation’s output: people, processes, tools and culture.

For organisations that are creating new OSINT units, our consulting and training gives OSINT teams the knowledge, skills and organisational set-up, including the use of specialist technical systems, to ensure they can immediately produce effective OSINT.

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OSINT Training from Janes Helping you transform open-source information into actionable intelligence