Geoeconomic Statecraft

Janes delivers open-source intelligence on the global business activities of Chinese and Russian companies. Threats to national security have become increasingly varied and dynamic. Our data and analysis improves our customers’ situational awareness of how governments leverage companies within their jurisdiction, including state-owned and state-controlled enterprises, for strategic purposes. 

Verified and validated data and insight 

Janes intelligence is independent, open-source and reliable. Data is checked against primary and secondary sources with all transaction data impartially recorded. Our alert and risk content provides additional OSINT context and data points to help customers assess the strategic significance of company activities as well as the related risk and threat implications. 

Manage risk and threat factors related to economic and financial statecraft

Updated daily, our online, analytical tool tracks the global operations of Chinese and Russian enterprises. This unique dataset helps customers to understand the role these companies play in the projection of power, control and influence over foreign countries. It is comprised of several layers of open-source data and analysis.

Granular, transactional information related to individual business deals

We track and map the global business transactions of Chinese and Russian companies, including their complex family tree connections, to provide a complete understanding of a company’s overall track record of activity. Our coverage is global and is updated daily by a full-time staff based in Washington, DC.

Our range of search filters permit users to navigate based only on those data points that are relevant to them. Customised notifications are also provided to users daily.


Streamlined content and finished analysis complementing our in-depth transactional information

We scrutinise our transactional research daily to determine which deals might raise specific strategic concerns or considerations. Our alerts provide detailed analysis of these deals, including risks or threats pertaining to the context of the individual deal, to complement the in-depth, impartial transactional information.

Entity risk profiles for thousands of companies

Our comprehensive database of risk events attributed to Chinese or Russian companies enables the generation of readily available entity risk profiles for thousands of companies.  The risk events catalogued cover national security, human rights, environment, labour concerns, quality control issues and other allegations.


Country reports 

Our country reports offer off-the-shelf, regularly updated reports on over 80 countries, covering the posture of Chinese entities and economic interests across an array of locations around the world.  These reports are connected to the transactional and entity risk profiles to deliver an interconnected view of how the global business activities of Chinese and Russian companies, as well as economic and financial interests, fit into the overall global posturing of Beijing and Moscow. 


Custom Research and Analysis

If you are looking for custom research, in-depth analysis or risk and threat assessments related to geoeconomic statecraft, Janes uses proprietary techniques and data to compile reports delivered to clients on a proprietary, confidential basis. Janes open-source intelligence research techniques, regional expertise, linguist ability and global network of experts enables us to deliver world class research and analysis on a range of topics related to risk and threat factors emanating from the economic and commercial domain.

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