Optimise your mission with Janes Intara 

Janes Intara interconnects millions of assured data points across Janes foundational intelligence, with the ability to integrate and contextualise multiple sources, delivering the single source of truth.

Janes Intara increases certainty and accelerates decision making for everyone in your organisation.

Increasing certainty, delivering decision advantage

Janes Intara brings together all of the assured intelligence, across military capabilities and order of battle, security events, equipment, markets, forecasts and defence manufacturers, that Janes has developed over our 120 year legacy. All intelligence datasets have been interconnected allowing you to work across traditional domains (Air, Land, Sea) as well as datasets, regions, organisations or countries.

The ability to interconnect, contextualise and integrate Janes assured foundational intelligence with third-party and your own data in a common, consistent framework enables the exploitation of all intelligence sources in a shareable, actionable manner resulting in a more complete and assured assessment.

Discover the Power of Interconnected Intelligence

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Janes Intara Overview Intara | Optimise mission intelligence by interconnecting millions of data points from across Janes foundational intelligence, delivering the single source of truth